Listen to Broadwind's Mark Wittak, director of engineering, give his talk at American Wind Energy Association's WindPower 2016.  While you listen to the audio cast, be sure to click through the slide presentation deck simultaneously (found below on the landing page). Enjoy!   


We are one of the largest producers of utility scale steel wind energy towers in North America.

  • We manufactured the first 100 meter wind tower in U.S.
  • Highest quality utility-scale wind tower fabrications
  • Built to meet technically advanced specifications
  • We’ve built over 2,000 wind towers since 2008
  • We offer a design for manufacturability review
  • We service the prime “wind belt” with facilities in Wisconsin and Texas for multi-modal transportation by water and rail transportation.

Achieving Safe Harbor with Custom Storage Solutions

To take advantage of section 45 renewable energy production tax credit (PTC) for wind energy facilities, it is mission-critical that the production of wind turbine towers is the first step you take in the construction of wind farm assets. Our Wisconsin and Texas facilities offer robust storage capacity to ensure your towers are ready just-in-time to ship to the site.

Note:  Remember that your facility must be in service by the end of the calendar year that includes the fourth anniversary of the date construction of the facility began.  


Moving Large, Over-Dimensional Wind Tower Cargo for Just-In-Time Delivery

Broadwind Energy offers multi-modal transportation options to help drive down wind tower transportation costs, reduce the length of haul, and increase speed of product delivery to the wind farm.


Driving Down Transportation Costs for Wind Tower Delivery

The challenges of moving large tower sections over land and highway systems are many, and can include the following:
  • Road and bridge-strength restrictions
  • Varying state-to-state regulations for planning, permitting and execution
  • Crane equipment availability and capacity
  • Increased costs
  • Longer delivery times

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Mark Wittak
Director of Engineering
Broadwind Energy

Mark is the Director of Engineering at Broadwind Energy, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin. Specializing in “Designed for Manufacturing”, he brings 22 years of field experience in the mechanics of advanced materials and fatigue analysis relating to industrial manufacturing. His skills enable Broadwind Energy to respond to today’s manufacturing challenges with the latest-and-greatest materials and computational methods to maximize productivity and quality.

Prior to joining Broadwind, Mark was Director of R&D in the lawn care sector, focusing on Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and development of an innovative Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) program, along with Design of Experiments (DOE) using statistical analysis to calculate probability.  He also served as Lead Engineer in the industrial power equipment industry, focusing on hydraulics and FEA. Furthermore, he was Mechanical Engineer for Generac in the power generation industry, focusing on the telecommunications market.