Driving Down Transportation Costs for Just-In-Time Delivery

The challenges of moving large tower sections over land and highway systems are many, and can include the following:
  • Road and bridge-strength restrictions
  • Varying state-to-state regulations for planning, permitting and execution
  • Crane equipment availability and capacity
  • Increased costs
  • Longer delivery times

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Custom-Tailored Transportation Options:

Water & Barge Transportation

Deep water barge transportation provides attractive benefits such as increased energy-efficiency, reduced costs, and dramatically reduced shipping time.

Truck Transportation

Challenges of truck transportation include the fragmented regulatory system under which the trucking industry operates, roadway restrictions for super loads varying state-by-state, and more. Truck transport is most commonly used on the final leg of the jouney to the wind farm.

Rail Transportation

Railroad transportation delivers an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative for wind tower shipments. Broadwind Energy's manufacturing facilities offer direct access to rail transporation hubs.

Benefits of Deep Water Transportation for Wind Towers

The wind corridor, stretching from Texas north to the Dakotas and into Alberta Canada, is perfectly aligned with the Mississippi Inland River System.  


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Actual wind surface patterns provided by the
National Digital Forecast Database
Animation by Hint.FM

With a strong history of heavy manufacturing, the Midwest is reinventing itself from the “rust belt” into the “green belt” as we increasingly produce wind energy components and fabrications locally to meet the growing demand for renewable energy. What’s more, there is a real transportation advantage here in the Midwest with the strongest rail hub in the country, paired with outstanding access to the inland river port system which can deliver cost-effective transportation for heavy-haul, over-dimensional wind energy cargo.  As our economy continues to shift from global sourcing to domestic manufacturing, the Midwest is poised for economic growth and Broadwind Energy is proud to be located throughout the region to help foster and support this manufacturing and renewable energy transformation.