For more than 90 years, Brad Foote Gear Works, a Broadwind Energy company, has delivered gearing solutions for virtually every energy industry including oil & gas, mining, steel and power generation.  We are geared for energy.

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Broadwind Energy.
Solutions for the energy needs of the future.

Helping to foster energy independence in America, Broadwind Energy (NASDAQ: BWEN) applies decades of deep industrial expertise to provide components and precision gearing for customers in the energy and infrastructure markets.

Components and Precision Gearing for Energy and Industrial Applications

From gears and gearboxes for applications in oil and gas, mining and steel to wind turbine towers, to comprehensive remanufacturing of wind gearboxes, we have solutions for the energy needs of the future—today. With facilities throughout the U.S., Broadwind Energy is committed to helping customers maximize performance of their investments—quicker, easier and smarter.

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Brad Foote Gearing is one of AGMA's first original members, designing and producing gearing for over 90 years. Learn more about Brad Foote Gearing.

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