Facilitating the Generation of Energy into Electricity

Capabilities Overview

A gas turbine engine is a combustion engine at the heart of a power plant that produces electric current. This engine converts natural gas or liquid fuels to mechanical energy that drives a generator to produce electric energy, and this energy moves along power lines into homes and businesses.  High temperature cabling is mission-critical to enable the turbine blades to spin inside of the engine, which in turn drives the generator to convert energy into electricity. 

Superior Quality for Demands of High Temperature Applications

Our cables are designed and manufactured conforming to various national and international safety standards to deliver the highest reliability and quality.

  •  ISI Certification for IS-694, IS-1554 & IS-7098
  • Compliance to BS, IEC, DIN, JSS, ANSI & VDE SPECS.
  • CE Certification
  • UL certification for various High Temp. Cables

Technical Specifications

Single Core or Multi Core / Pairs

Voltage Grade:
250 VAC, 600 VAC & 1000 VAC (Rating as per MIL 16878, VDE, DIN, ANSI)

Annealedbare and/or tinned copper conductor (up to 120 Deg C)

  • Annealed silver plated copper conductor (up to 200 Deg C)
  • Nickel Plated conductors (up to 250 Deg C)

Individual and / or overall with following options

  • Aluminum Mylar / Copper Tape with Tinned Copper Drain Wire or
  • Braided with Bare or Tinned or Nickel Plated or Silver Plated Copper

Armouring of galvanised wire, stainless steel, high strength steel wire

Conforming to JSS SPECIFICATIONS OR Equivalent.

Annealed Bare/Tinned or Nickel Plated or Silver plated Copper Conductor, Si.Rubber / FEP / PFA / PTFE / PEEK / ETFE / KAPTON TAPE Insulated, Individual/Overall Screened with Al-Mylar or Copper Tape or Tinned/Nickel Plated/Silver Plated Copper Braided, Si.Rubber / FEP / PFA / PTFE / PEEK / ETFE / KAPTON TAPEInner & Outer Sheath