Achieve the Lowest Cost of Total Ownership with AGMA Fine Pitch Gearing for Your Industrial Equipment

Our State-of-the-Art Five Axis Technology Delivers AGMA Fine Pitch Class 12 Gearing FAST For Increased Torque & Performance

“We are happy with the capabilities that our Five-Axis Machining Center allows us to deliver for our customers”
— Michal Nowak, Supervisor of Manufacturing Operations at Chicago’s Brad Foote Gear Works.

Gear Sets

  • Amarillo Cooling Tower and Pump Drives
  • Alten Pump Drives and Reducers
  • Browning Speed Reducers
  • Chicago Gear\D.O. James Speed Reducers
  • Cleveland Worm Drives
  • Criton Planetary Gearboxes
  • David Brown Gearboxes
  • Delroyd Worm Gearboxes
  • Dodge\Reliance Electric Speed reducers
  • Cone Drives
  • Dorris Gearboxes
  • Eagle Iron Works Gearboxes
  • Falk Gearboxes (all types)
  • Flender Gearboxes
  • Foote-Jones Gearboxes (all types)
  • Hansen Gearboxes
  • Harnishfeger Crane Gearboxes
  • Hitachi Caster Gearboxes
  • H & S Gearboxes (all types)
  • Lohmann Planetary Drives
  • Morse Gearboxes
  • Nuttall Gearboxes (all types)
  • Philadelphia Gearboxes (all types)
  • Pollack Bottle Car Gearboxes
  • Renold Gearboxes
  • Santasalo Gearboxes
  • Sumitomo Paramzx Gearboxes
  • Tredwell Bottle Car Gearboxes

The increased geometric accuracy and fast turn-around time helps our customers boost their manufacturing productivity and optimize equipment life when they need it.  We engineer, design, and rebuild complex gearing for the industrial sector, as well as the wind energy market. Brad Foote supplies parts to other industries such as oil, gas, mining, heavy construction, marine, and many more.

Our customers' needs are diverse depending on the unique industry they are in. Our Five-Axis machine helps us deliver the precision bevel and complex herringbone gears our customers need to keep their business running smoothly and profitably, day-in and day-out. For bevel gears, the Five-Axis technology increases our productivity by 50%!  The Five-Axis Machining Center has three linear axes and two rotary axes.  The unique B axis kinematics within the head is a great advantage to any other five-axis machining center on the market. According to Nowak, this is better for complex 3-D shapes and 3-D coordinate conversion.

Nowak concludes, “We developed an innovated process and now can make a herringbone gear with the DMU 210 P Five-Axis, a part that was impossible for us to deliver before. This new herringbone gear helps solve problems for our oil industry customers. We think this new gearing technology will enable us to deliver precision gearing to meet the most demanding customer applications, which will boost our customers' manufacturing productivity and help to make them even more successful. Increasing our customers’ business success is what it is all about.”  


Boost Your Gearbox Productivity

  • AGMA Q12 class gearing
  • Heavy duty cast iron or fabricated steel housings
  • ISO dimensioned ball, taper roller or spherical roller bearings
  • Bearing quality steel pinions, gears and shafts
  • Plunge ground sealing surfaces
  • Standard inch series hardware
  • 25" Pressure angle tooth form


  • Dial lip seals
  • Gas carburied gearing ground to the highest standards of accuracy
  • Cast iron housing modular assembly configuration
  • Vacuum degassed alloy steel
  • Balanced design standardized gear sets
  • Several seal options available

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