Learn About CNG BOOST™ Hydraulic and Reciprocating Compressors

CNG-Boost™ Hydraulic Compressor System Operation and Technology Overview

This White Paper provides a overview of the CNG Boost™ System Operation and Technology including:

  • Two-stage design maximizes storage capacity up to 90% by utilizing stranded CNG content created by pressure equalization in storage vessels
  • Reduce main compressor starts-stops to lower O&M costs
  • Offer flexible configurations to meet a wide range of station demand scenarios

Mechanical Reciprocating Compressors Features & Benefits Overview

Broadwind-SAFE reciprocating compressors are designed with an extensive array of features resulting in a unique combination of customer/end-user benefits not typically found in the market today.

  • The advantages of liquid cooling technology for a higher compression ratio
  • Controls and built-in starter panel, priority panel, time-fill panel and pressure reducer for lower installation costs
  • The benefits of a web-based monitoring system
  • And much more.

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