Meeting Industrial Demand in Fire-Rescue

We worked closely with one of America’s industry-leading fire rescue vehicle manufacturers to produce a custom firetruck boom designed to support rescue teams across the country.
— Brett Hartman – Director of Business Development | Broadwind Energy Industrial Fabrications
As the longest running fire apparatus manufacturer in America, this industry-leading company specializes in pumper and rescue units for fire and disaster situations.

We were happy to partner with this organization who is dedicated to providing highly engineered heavy duty fire rescue vehicles with superior lifetime value for their customers.  Their passion for manufacturing and methodology of delivering longer lifetime value is achieved by concentrating on innovation and continuous manufacturing process improvements.  Broadwind Energy’s Industrial Fabrications division was able to match their commitment and augment their manufacturing quality with our best-in-class fabrication and welding processes.  This organization was committed to producing an articulating boom to reach six stories high as building heights increased in many communities. The firetruck boom was manufactured to provide aerial rescue and could also function in river rescue environments, helping to deliver the community with a safe and sustainable future.


Project Specifications

  • Build custom articulating firetruck boom to exacting specifications
  • Utilize welded steel and aluminum material for durability and weight distribution
  • Deliver extreme reach device to endure in the harshest conditions
  • Exceed federal safety guidelines
  • Abide by ISO 9002-2008 requirements


Services Provided

  • Provide custom manufacturing, construction and assembly under one roof
  • Facilitate and accelerate the fabrication process to manufacture firetruck booms to perform under the harshest working conditions
  • Fabricate extreme reach apparatus arial ladder for use in life-and-death situations
  • Produce precision fabrications with zero defects  
  • Weld high-tensile steel and stainless steel up to ten inches thick
  • Produce fabrications of other steel grades and aluminum in thicknesses up to twelve inches
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The Results

  • Fabricated complex boom structure that delivered mission-critical fire rescue capabilities
  • Boom reached 6 stories high for multi-story building rescues
  • Met and exceeded federal safety compliance and ISO 9002 standards
  • Provided the best lifetime value and ROI
  • Reduced maintenance costs with maximum product lifecycle
  • Delivered on schedule and budget


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